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gorilla drags ranger

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He became kind of pale. Didn't he?.

(Deleted comment)
i can understand the gorillas confusion . they look like brothers. .

Who got here from big weird.

that think could of just ripped him apart lol.

It's amazing how just the site of a Silverback can be so impressive. .

there was no effort involved just grab and pull a grown ass man around in the jungle..

He is not a park ranger stupid he is a fire ranger. Gorillas are notorious pyromaniacs! Gosh. .

and then he became one of them. You can tell by the way he sat up..

Shit tat s big ape.. it jus drags tat guy lik a baby...

Being so acutely aware of potential dangers, the Silverback probably wasn't happy about casually passing the guy and then turning his back to him so decided to secure the moment so to soeak, b doing what he did..

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